Agilent RF and Microwave Test Accessories
Power Dividers and Splitters Power Dividers and Splitters
Agilent 11667A Agilent 11667B
Agilent 11667A,B power splitters
These power splitters feature excellent match and
tracking between outputs, operating from dc to
26.5 GHz. Power splitters are recommended for
external source leveling and ratio measurements.
Agilent 11667C power splitter
This two-resistor power splitter is recommended for applications
that require external source leveling, or for ratio measurements.
It covers the entire dc to 50 GHz frequency band by use of
2.4 mm connectors and advanced micro-circuitry for the resistive
components. These two-resistor type splitters provide excellent
output SWR at the auxiliary arm when used for source leveling or
ratio measurement applications. The tracking between output arms
over a frequency range from dc to 50 GHz allows wideband
measurements to be made with a minimum of uncertainty.
Equivalent Maximum Insertion loss Tracking Shipping
Agilent Frequency output SWR input (input to between weight
model range (nominal 50 ) power either output) any two ports Connectors lb (kg)
11667A dc to 18.0 GHz 1.10: dc to 4 GHz 0.5 W 7 dB 0.15 dB to 4 GHz N (f) all ports 0.2 (0.5)
Option 001 1.20: dc to 8 GHz 0.20 dB to 8 GHz Opt. 001: N (m) in, N (f) out
Option 002 1.33: dc to 18 GHz 0.25 dB to 18 GHz Opt. 002: N (f) in, APC-7 out
11667B dc to 26.5 GHz 1.22 0.5 W 7 dB <0.25 dB 3.5 mm (f) all ports 0.14 (0.3)
11667C dc to 50 GHz 1.65 0.5 W 8.5 dB <0.40 dB 2.4 mm (f) all ports 0.14 (0.3)
Dimensions are in mm (inches) nominal, unless otherwise specified.
(0.5) 22.2
120 degrees
Side view
Top view
Agilent 11667C
Agilent RF and Microwave Test Accessories
Power Dividers and Splitters
Power Dividers and Splitters
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