Complete Embedded Data Modems
Product Brief
n Two-chip modem solution:
CVxx Modem Device in 48-pin TQFP or
100-pin FSBGA (CV92-F100 only)
CSP1040 DAA in 20-pin ETSSOP
n Data mode capabilities:
V.92, V.90, V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis,
V.22. V.21, Bell 212A, Bell 103
V.17 and lower fax rates
V.44, V.42bis, MNP 5 Data Compression
V.42, MNP 2–4 Error Correction
n CVxx Modem Device features:
ARM7TDMS Microcontroller
DSP1600S Digital Signal Processor
DAA interface and lters
Host interface congurable for 8-bit parallel,
asynchronous serial or SPI mode
On-chip PWM speaker driver
SIO interface for audio codec used in voice and
handset applications
24.576 MHz crystal or external 27.0 MHz clock
n CSP1040 DAA features:
Derives power from system for reliable
operation on all phone lines
Digital transformer isolation barrier
Programmable event detect for caller-ID
reception and power ring detection
Programmable pulse shaping and spark quench
Programmable dc-impedance
termination for country-specic VI templates
Programmable ac-impedance termination for
return loss matching
Programmable ringer-impedance emulation
Hardware support for pulse dialing for accurate
make/break timing.
Hardware support for ringing level and
frequency qualication for accurate
ring detection.
Line-in-use and remote handset detection
World-wide caller ID support
n Single 3.3V supply required for chip set.
The CVxx family of devices is designed to serve embedded applications
that require high-speed dial-up data connections. There are several ver-
sions available based on modulations and other features.
For designs that must support eld-upgrade-
ability or customized features, a version of the
CV92 device is available in a 100 FSBGA that
can support external ash ROM. All other ver-
sions run from on-chip ROM. The table on page
* Actual speeds over U.S. telephone lines vary and are less than 56K due to current FCC regulations and line conditions.
Figure 1 shows a reference design using the 48-pin CVxx and the CSP1040. This is a 2-layer PCB with components on top-
side only. The layout can be integrated into a larger PCB or built as a separate module with connectors.
2 shows the features supported for the various
versions. The CVxx devices support RS232 and
8-bit microprocessor interfaces. Additionally,
the CVxx devices can be congured for opera-
tion on a 4-wire SPI bus.
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V.92 V.90 V.34 V.22bis POS V.17 FAX Voice Par/Ser SPI
CV92-T48B X X X X X X X X X
CV92L-T48B X X X X X X
CV90L-T48B X X X X X
CV34L-T48 X X X X
CV22-T48x X X X
CV22 L-CV22-T48B-DB 48 TQFP 7110158770
L-CV22-T48B-DT 48 TQFP 7110158780
CV34 L-CV34-T48B-DB 48 TQFP 7110109500
L-CV34-T48B-DT 48 TQFP 7110109510
CV34L L-CV34L-T48B-DB 48 TQFP 7110158720
L-CV34L-T48B-DT 48 TQFP 7110159010
CV90L L-CV90L-T48B-DB 48 TQFP 7110158750
L-CV90L-T48B-DT 48 TQFP 7110158760
CV92 L-CV92-F100A-DB 100 FSBGA 7110146740
L-CV92-F100A-DT 100 FSBGA 7110146750
L-CV92-T48B-DB 48 TQFP 7110109480
L-CV92-T48B-DT 48 TQFP 7110109490
CV92L L-CV92L-T48B-DB 48 TQFP 7110158730
L-CV92L-T48B-DT 48 TQFP 7110158740
CSP1040 L-CSP1040A3-E11-D 20-pin ETSSOP 7110072260
L-CSP1040A3-E11-DT 20-pin ETSSOP 7110072670
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