PD-2.322 rev. A 12/97
Major Ratings and Characteristics
IF(AV) Rectangular 30 A
VRRM 35/45 V
IFSM @ tp = 5 µs sine 1060 A
30 Apk, TJ
= 125°C 0.73 V
TJ- 65 to 150 °C
Characteristics MBR25..CT Units
The MBR25..CT center tap Schottky rectifier has been opti-
mized for low reverse leakage at high temperature. The
proprietary barrier technology allows for reliable operation up to
150° C junction temperature. Typical applications are in
switching power supplies, converters, free-wheeling diodes,
and reverse battery protection.
150° C TJ operation
Center tap TO-220 package
Low forward voltage drop
High purity, high temperature epoxy encapsulation for
enhanced mechanical strength and moisture resistance
High frequency operation
Guard ring for enhanced ruggedness and long term
Dimensions in millimeters and inches
Conforms to JEDEC Outline TO-220AB
MBR2535CT, MBR2545CT
PD-2.322 rev. A 12/97
TJMax. Junction Temperature Range -65 to 150 °C
Tstg Max. Storage Temperature Range -65 to 175 °C
RthJC Max. Thermal Resistance Junction 1.50 °C/W DC operation
to Case
RthCS Typical Thermal Resistance, Case 0.50 °C/W Mounting surface, smooth and greased
to Heatsink
wt Approximate Weight 2 (0.07) g (oz.)
T Mounting Torque Min. 6 (5)
Max. 12 (10)
Case Style TO-220AB JEDEC
Thermal-Mechanical Specifications
Parameters MBR25..CT Units Conditions
* For Additional Informations and Graphs, Please See the 30CTQ Series
VFM Max. Forward Voltage Drop 0.82 V @ 30A
(1 ) 0.73 V @ 30A
IRM Max. Instantaneus Reverse Current 0.2 mA TJ = 25 °C
(1) 40 mA TJ = 125 °C
CTMax. Junction Capacitance 90 0 p F VR = 5VDC, (test signal range 100Khz to 1Mhz) 25°C
LSTypical Series Inductance 8. 0 n H Measured from top of terminal to mounting plane
dv/dt Max. Voltage Rate of Change 1000 V / µs
(Rated VR)
Electrical Specifications
Parameters MBR25..CT Units Conditions
TJ = 25 °C
TJ = 125 °C
Rated DC voltage
(1) Pulse Width < 300µs, Duty Cycle <2%
IF(AV) Max. Average Forward Current 30 A @ TC = 130°C, (Rated VR)
IFSM Max. Peak One Cycle Non Repetitive 1060 5µs Sine or 3µs Rect. pulse
Surge applied at rated load condition halfwave single
phase 60Hz
IRRM Peak Repetitive Reverse Surge Current 1.0 A 2.0 µsec 1.0 KHz
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Parameters MBR25..CT Units Conditions
Surge 150
Following any rated load
condition and with rated
VRRM applied
Part number MBR2535CT MBR2545CT
VRMax. DC Reverse Voltage (V)
VRWM Max. Working Peak Reverse Voltage (V) 35 45
Voltage Ratings