Datasheet for part number MDM-15SBR
Our Catalog Part Number: MDM-15SBR
Our Global Manufacturing Part Number: 096513-0109
Brand: Cannon Product Category: Micro Product Line: Micros Series: MICRO
Product Datasheet
Series Micro "D" Metal Shell
Arrangement 15 Contact
Gender Socket
Contact Material gold plated copper alloy
Contact Typ crimp
Contact Resistance 8 milliohms max.
Termination Type Right Angle PCB Termination
Shell Material Aluminum
Shell Finish Yellow Chromate/Cadmium over Nickel
Insulator Material contact size 9 to100 = liquid crystalline polymer,
contact arrangements 7C2 or 24C4 = Diallyl phthalate
Hardware no hardware
PCB Hardware no PCB mounting hardware
Coupling Friction Coupling
Current Rating 3 A max.
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 600 VAC at sea level
150 VAC at 70,00' altitude
Insulator Resistance 5000 megohms min.
Thermal Shock -55°/+125°
Physical Shock 50 G's, 3 axes, 6 milisecond duration sawtooth pulse
Vibration 20G's, 10-2000 Hz. 12 hours
Durability 500 cycles of mating and unmating, 500 CPH max.
Moisture Resistance Insulator resistance > 100 megohms
SaltSpray 48 hours
Specifications and dimensions subject to change.
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