leaded resIsTOrs
Metal Film Resistors Flame-Proof Type
High Power Style [ FMP Series ]
Ambient Temperature (°C)
Rated Load (%) 100
20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180
deraTING CUrVe
For resistors operated in ambient temperatures above 70°C , power rating must be derated in
accordance with the curve below.
Unit : mm
The FMP Series Metal Film Power Flame Proof
Resistors are manufactured using vacuum sputtering
system to deposit multiple layers of mixed metals al-
loy and passivative materials onto a carefully treated
high grade ceramic substrate. After a helical groove
has been cut in the resistive layer, tinned connecting
leads of electrolytic copper are welded to the end-
caps. The resistors are coated with layers of pink
color lacquer.
Power Rating 1/2W, 1W, 2W, 3W
Resistance Tolerance ±1%, ±5%
T.C.R. ±100ppm/ºC
Flameproof Multi-layer Coating Meets UL-94V-0
Flameproof Feature Meets Overload Test UL-1412
Ultra Miniature L øD H ød
FMP-50 3.4±0.3 1.9±0.2 28±2.0 0.45±0.05
FMP100 6.3±0.5 2.4±0.2 28±2.0 0.55±0.05
FMP200 9.0±0.5 3.9±0.3 26±2.0 0.55±0.05
FMP300 15.5±1.0 5.0±0.5 33±2.0 0.8±0.05
Note :
Flame-Proof Type
High Power Style [ FMP Series ]
eleCTrICal CHaraCTerIsTICs
sTYle FMP-50 FMP100 FMP200 FMP300
Power Rating at 70 ºC 1/2W 1W 2W 3W
Maximum Working Voltage 200V 350V 500V 750V
Maximum Overload Voltage 400V 600V 700V 1000V
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 300V 500V 750V
Resistance Range 1Ω ~ 10MΩ & 0Ω for E24 & E96 series value
Operating Temp. Range - 55ºC to + 155ºC
Temperature Coefficient ±100ppm/ºC
* Below or over this resistance range on request.
PerFOrMaNCe TesT TesT MeTHOd aPPraIse
Short Time Overload JIS-C-5202 5.5 2.5 Times RCWV for 5 Seconds ±(0.5%+0.05Ω)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage JIS-C-5202 5.7 in V-Block for 60 Seconds by Type
Temperature Coefficient JIS-C-5202 5.2 -55ºC to +155ºC by Type
Insulation Resistance JIS-C-5202 5.6 in V-Block >1000MΩ
Solderability JIS-C-5202 6.5 260ºC ±5ºC for 5 ±0.5 Seconds 95% Min. Coverage
Resistance to Solvent JIS-C-5202 6.9 IPA for 1 Min. with Ultrasonic No deterioration of
Coatings and Markings
Terminal Strength JIS-C-5202 6.1 Direct load for 10 Sec. In the Direction of the Terminal Leads 2.5kg (24.5N)
Pulse Overload JIS-C-5202 5.8 4 Times RCWV 10000 Cycles (1 Sec. On, 25 Sec. off) ±1.0%+0.05Ω
Load Life in Humidity JIS-C-5202 7.9 40±2ºC , 90~95% RH at RCWV for 1,000 Hrs. (1.5 Hrs. on , 0.5 Hrs. off) ±2.0%+0.05Ω
Load Life JIS-C-5202 7.10 70ºC at RCWV for 1,000 Hrs. (1.5 Hrs. on 0.5 Hrs. off) ±2%+0.05Ω
Temperature Cycling JIS-C-5202 7.4 -55ºCgRoom Temp.g+155ºCgRoom Temp. for 5 Cycles ±1.0%+0.05Ω
Resistance to Soldering Heat JIS-C-5202 6.4 350ºC ±10ºC for 3±0.5 Seconds ±0.25%+0.05Ω
Overload Flame Retardant JIS-C-5202 7.12 4 Times RCWV for 1 Minute No evidence of
flaming or arcing
* Rated Continuous Working Voltage (RCW V)= Power Rating x Resistance Value