Specifications are subject to change without notice (30.09.2005) 1
Solid State Relays
Type UP 62 - ..
Temperature limit switch for overheat
protection of small assemblies.
Product Description
The temperature limit switch is
a readily available accessory.
It is a thermostat especially
designed for overheat protec-
tion for small assemblies.
The thermal response is excel-
lent due to its miniaturized
housing. It becomes an effec-
tive thermal cutout due to the
fact that this limit switch can
be fitted close to the heatsink
of the relay.
When connected serial with
the control voltage, the TLS
will switch off the relay as
soon as the operating temper-
ature of the switch is reached.
The relay will be activated
Ordering Key
Thermostat type
Switch temperature
again when the temperature
drops (approx. 30°C) below
its cutout value.
In the RZ3 relay, the TLS can
be connected to two free (in-
ternally non-connected) termi-
nals (B1/B2).
Thermal compound must be
added when inserting the TLS
(to guarantee a fast thermal
The heatsink selection charts
(load current versus ambient
temperature) for RSO types
provide information about
which thermal switch to use.
Switch temperature
UP 62-70 70°C (158°F)
UP 62-80 80°C (176°F)
UP 62-90 90°C (194°F)
Type Selection
The UP 62 - .. is mounted
in one of the two slots of
the 3-phase SSR housing.
UP 62 - 90