Certificate of Compliance
Company Name: Diodes Inc.
Company Address: 3050 E. Hillcrest Drive, Westlake Village, CA
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN):
RoHS Exemption 7a for High Temperature, High %Pb Solder Applied
RoHS Exemption 5 for Lead in glass in Electronic Components Applied
To: Diodes Inc. Customer:
This document certifies that the component/s of part number(s) as stated above or on the
attached list and manufactured by Diodes Inc. or its contractor, are in compliance with
Directive 2002/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 January 2003
on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronics
equipment (RoHS Directives). The stated component/s is/are deemed as compliant
according to definitions given in the Directive 2002/95/EC of the European Parliament.
Any exemptions taken noted in the table above are per the Directives’ Annex.
This document also certifies that the material declarations which have been provided by
Diodes Inc. are accurate.
Authorized signatory for Diodes Inc.
Robert H. Haworth Date: December 13, 2004
Compliance Coordinator Revised: January 15, 2009
SMCJ100A-13-F SMCJ100CA-13-F SMCJ10A-13-F
SMCJ10CA-13-F SMCJ110A-13-F SMCJ110CA-13-F
SMCJ11A-13-F SMCJ11CA-13-F SMCJ120A-13-F
SMCJ120CA-13-F SMCJ12A-13-F SMCJ12CA-13-F
SMCJ130A-13-F SMCJ130CA-13-F SMCJ13A-13-F
SMCJ13CA-13-F SMCJ14A-13-F SMCJ14CA-13-F
SMCJ150A-13-F SMCJ150CA-13-F SMCJ15A-13-F
SMCJ15CA-13-F SMCJ160A-13-F SMCJ160CA-13-F
SMCJ16A-13-F SMCJ16CA-13-F SMCJ170A-13-F
SMCJ170CA-13-F SMCJ17A-13-F SMCJ17CA-13-F
SMCJ18A-13-F SMCJ18CA-13-F SMCJ20A-13-F
SMCJ20CA-13-F SMCJ22A-13-F SMCJ22 CA-13-F
SMCJ24A-13-F SMCJ24CA-13-F SMCJ26A-13-F
SMCJ26CA-13-F SMCJ28A-13-F SMCJ28CA-13-F
SMCJ30A-13-F SMCJ30CA-13-F SMCJ33A-13-F
SMCJ33CA-13-F SMCJ36A-13-F SMCJ36CA-13-F
SMCJ40A-13-F SMCJ40CA-13-F SMCJ43A-13-F
SMCJ43CA-13-F SMCJ45A-13-F SMCJ45CA-13-F
SMCJ48A-13-F SMCJ48CA-13-F SMCJ5.0A-13-F
SMCJ5.0CA-13-F SMCJ51A-13-F SMCJ51CA-13-F
SMCJ54A-13-F SMCJ54CA-13-F SMCJ58A-13-F
SMCJ58CA-13-F SMCJ6.0A-13-F SMCJ6.0CA-13-F
SMCJ6.5A-13-F SMCJ6.5CA-13-F SMCJ60A-13-F
SMCJ60CA-13-F SMCJ64A-13-F SMCJ64CA-13-F
SMCJ7.0A-13-F SMCJ7.0CA-13-F SMCJ7.5A-13-F
SMCJ7.5CA-13-F SMCJ70A-13-F SMCJ70CA-13-F
SMCJ75A-13-F SMCJ75CA-13-F SMCJ78A-13-F
SMCJ78CA-13-F SMCJ8.0A-13-F SMCJ8.0CA-13-F
SMCJ8.5A-13-F SMCJ8.5CA-13-F SMCJ85A-13-F
SMCJ85CA-13-F SMCJ9.0A-13-F SMCJ9.0CA-13-F
SMCJ90A-13-F SMCJ90CA-13-F