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EZ-RJ45® Cat 5/5e
Part # Description
100003C EZ-RJ45 Connectors, 50 Pc. Clamshell
100003B EZ-RJ45 Connectors, 100 Pc. Box
105003 EZ-RJ45 Connectors, Bulk Package, 500 Pc. Min.
100015 EZ-RJ45 Connectors, 15 Pc. Clamshell
202003J EZ-RJ45 Cat 5/5e Connectors, Jar of 100.
EZ-RJ45® Cat 6+ Connector
Part # Description
100010C EZ-RJ45 Cat 6+ Connectors, 50 Pc. Clamshell
100010B EZ-RJ45 Cat 6+ Conn., 100 Pc. Box
100011C EZ-RJ45 Cat 6+ Combo. Includes 30 Conn. &
30 Strain Reliefs
105004 EZ-RJ45 Cat 6+ Connectors, Bulk. Min. 500 Pcs.
202010J EZ-RJ45 Cat 6+ Connectors, Jar of 100.
EZ-RJ12/11 Connector
Part # Description
100026C EZ-RJ12/11 Connectors, 50 Pc. Clamshel
100026B EZ-RJ12/11 Connectors, 100 Pc. Box
105005 EZ-RJ12/11 Connectors, Bulk Package, 500 Pc. Min.
100026LTC EZ-RJ12/11 Long Tab, 50 Pc. Clamshell
100026LTB EZ-RJ12/11 Long Tab, 100 Pc. Box
105005LT EZ-RJ12/11 Long Tab, Bulk Package, 500 Pc.
Shielded EZ-RJ45®
Part # Description
100020 Shielded EZ-RJ45 Bag of 50
100021 Shielded EZ-RJ45 Clam Pack of 10 pieces
105020 Shielded EZ-RJ45 Bulk 100 Pc.
Connector Jars
Part # Description
202003J EZ-RJ45 Cat 5/5e Connector Jar of 100.
202010J EZ-RJ45 Cat 6+ Connector Jar of 100.
Connectors You
May Need
EZ-RJ45® termination kits
for the installer that needs
the complete EZ-RJ45®
system. These kits are
boxed for economy
and convenience.
All kits include an
instruction sheet.
EZ-RJPRO HD Convenience Packs
Part # Description
100007 EZ-RJPRO HD Termination Kit.
Includes EZ-RJPRO HD Crimp Tool,
50 EZ-RJ45 Connectors, and instructions.
100016 EZ-RJPRO HD Basic Installation Kit. Includes
EZ-RJPRO HD Crimp Tool, 50 EZ-RJ45 Connectors,
Coax & Round Wire Cable Cutter, CAT5e Cable Jacket Stripper.
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