Key Features 1x1, 1x2 (2x1) and 2x2 (bypass) in both latching and
non-latching configurations
Hermetic packaging
Unilateral input/output fiber location
High durability
The JDSU Agile Optical Components family includes modulators, switches,
attenuators and tunable filters. These products provide the basis for spectrally
efficient DWDM transmission utilizing dispersion tolerant modulation, channel
monitoring, wavelength switching, remote power control and dynamic channel
selection. They support a wide range of flexible functionalities at lower
operational expenses for the Agile Optical Network. In addition, we have a
complete line of tunable lasers assemblies and sub-assemblies in our Agile
Transmission Module family.
The JDSU next-generation, all-optical miniature opto-mechanical (MOM)
fiberoptic switch is a single-mode component that increases network flexibility. Its
hermetic packaging provides high reliability under demanding central office
conditions and is GR-1221 qualified.
Collimated beam optics, an epoxy-free optical path, and a specially designed
mirror and moving prism mechanism enable excellent performance characteristics.
Directly mountable on printed circuit boards, the MOM switch is equipped with
status contacts to provide an electrical readout of the switch position.
On request, JDSU also provides customized modular assemblies that incorporate
taps, wavelength division multiplexers (WDMs), splitters, and other components.
The MOM switch's unique unilateral input and output fiber configuration is ideal
for these assemblies.
Configurable optical add/drop
Protection switching
Network monitoring
Telcordia GR-1221-CORE and
Miniature Opto-Mechanical Switch
MOM Series
NORTH AMERICA:800 498-JDSU (5378) WEBSITE:www.jdsu.comWORLDWIDE:+800 5378-JDSU
(Specifications in mm [inches] unless otherwise noted. Common footprint and
electrical pinout for both the latching and non-latching versions.)
Dimensions Diagram
Parameter Specification
Wavelength range 1290 to 1330 nm and/or 1525 to 1610 nm
Insertion loss1,2
1x1, 1x2 (2x1) <0.5 dB (0.3 dB typical)
2x2 (bypass) <0.6 dB (0.4 dB typical)
Polarization dependent loss <0.07 dB (0.03 dB typical)
Crosstalk >55 dB (65 dB typical)
Return loss1>50 dB (55 dB typical)
Optical input power <500 mW
Repeatability <±0.02 dB (cycle to cycle)
Switching time3<4 ms (2.5 ms typical)
Switching voltage 5 ±10% V DC
Maximum switching current
Latching 32 mA
Non-latching 46 mA
Switch lifetime4100 million cycles
Cycle frequency <10 Hz
Nominal dimensions (L x W x H) 17.3 x 10.4 x 8.0 mm (0.68 x 0.41 x 0.32 inches)
Operating temperature 0 to 70 °C or -5 to 80 °C short term5
Humidity <85% RH, or <90% RH short term5
Storage temperature -40 to 85 °C
Qualification Telcordia GR-1221-CORE and GR-1073-CORE
1. Specified without connectors.
2. Add an additional 0.3 dB for operation over the specified wavelength range, operating temperature range, and all states of polarization.
3. The elapsed time between power application and achievement of 90% of steady state value of the new switch.
4. One switch cycle is defined as one set pulse followed by a reset pulse.
5. Short term is defined as less than 96 consecutive hours and less than a total of 15 days over a one year period.
NORTH AMERICA:800 498-JDSU (5378) WEBSITE:www.jdsu.comWORLDWIDE:+800 5378-JDSU
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Ordering Information
For more information on this or other products and their availability, please contact your local JDSU account manager or
JDSU directly at 1-800-498-JDSU (5378) in North America and +800-5378-JDSU worldwide or via e-mail at
Sample: MOM-0012LW350
Code Latching Type
Code Port Configuration
11 1x1
12 1x2 (2x1)
22 2x2 (bypass)
Code Wavelength
1 1525 to 1610 nm
4 1290 to 1330 nm
W 1290 to 1330 nm
and 1525 to 1610 nm
Code Connector Type
0No connector
1. 250 µm buffer SMF-28 fiber is only available with the “no connector” option.
2. Tolerance on fiber length is ±0.1 m
Code Fiber Length2
01.0 meter
51.5 meters
Code Fiber Type
1 250 µm buffer SMF-28 1
3 900 µm buffer SMF-28