LDT1-028K Piezo Sensor w/ Lead Attachment
Piezoelectric Polymer
Vibration Sensing
Impact Sensing
Dual Wire Lead Attached
The LDT1-028K is a multi-
purpose, piezoelectric sensor for
detecting physical phenomena
such as vibration or impact. The
piezo film element is laminate to a
sheet of polyester (Mylar), and
produces a useable electrical
signal output when forces are
applied to the sensing area. The
dual wire lead attached to the
sensor allows a circuit or
monitoring device to process the
Dimensions in mm [inches]
Sensing Direct Contact Force
Recording Time of an Event
Counting Number of Impact Events
Measuring Impact Related Events
Sensing Vibration using Cantilevered
Wakeup Switch
Motion Detection
Minimum Impedance: 1 M
Preferred Impedance: 10 M and
Output Voltage: 10 mV-100V
depending on Force and Circuit
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +70°C
[-40°F to 160°F]
Operating Temperature: 0°C to
+70°C[32°F to 160°F]
LDT1-028K Piezo Sensor Rev 1 www.meas-spec.com 05/12/2009
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LDT1-028K Piezo Sensor w/ Lead Attachment
LDT1-028K Piezo Sensor Rev 1 www.meas-spec.com 05/12/2009
Direct Impact Sensing: Using an adhesive (such as double sided tape) adhere the sensor area to
a pliable pad to absorb impact with the full length protective laminate on the impact face. Apply the
force (such a finger touch or hammer blow) to the sensor area.
Vibration and Motion Sensing: Mount the element in a cantilever arrangement, allowing the
sensing are to vibrate up and down. Add a small weight to the end of the sensor if the greater
sensitivity is required.
The direct adherence of the LDT1-028K to the vibrating body can detect vibration, but another piezo
film sensor configuration (SDT1-028K) is available and designed for this application. The SDT1-028K
is a fully shielded form of the LDT1-028K.
Bending: A cantilever arrangement will allow the piezo element to be deflected and this can be used
to detect a striking object when the element is flexed. It is essential that the film not be in the neutral
axis of the beam. Otherwise signal cancellation can result, minimizing signal.
The LDT1-028K device is unshielded by design. If shielding is required, the sensor can be enclosed in
a proper environment. Metallized tapes can be used to cover the sensor but these may impede motion
and subsequent output. Wire leads can be twisted or covered. Other piezo film devices such as SDT1-
028K are available and are shielded.
The LDT1-028K is designed to cover a wide range of sensing applications. Specific sensors requiring
wider dynamic range, more or less sensitivity, different area coverage, different shapes, extended life,
resistance to sharp objects, and higher temperature range, etc., can be constructed to fit the
applications as special orders.
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