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Product Overview Created on: 11/24/2010
CM1692: Praetorian® L-C 4-, 6- and 8-Channel EMI Filter Arrays with ESD Protection
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Product Description
The CM1692 is a family of pi-style EMI filter arrays with ESD protection, which integrates four, six and eight filters (C-L-C) in small
form factor uDFN 0.40mm pitch packages. Each EMI filter channel of the CM1692 is implemented as a 3-pole L-C filter.
Features Benefits
Six or eight channels of EMI suppression with integrated
ESD protection Mates with most popular board to board connector
Robust, space saving TDFN package Can be placed adjacent to connectors and board edges
Applications End Products
High Speed Parallel Interface lines, in 4, 6, or 8 channel
configurations Cellular Phones,Smart Phones, Notebooks, Netbooks
Selected Electrical Specifications
Symbol Boundary Value Unit Condition
C typ 28.2 pF at 2.5 V bias
IRmax 1 �A max
V(BR) typ 6.8 V nominal
Package Availability
Type Pb-free Standard
UDFN8, 1.7x1.35, 0.4P
UDFN16, 3.3x1.35, 0.4P
UDFN12, 2.5x1.35, 0.4P
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