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BDS2A1002K2K Product Details
T E I nternal N umber: 1- 1 6 1 4 7 8 2 -0
Fixed Resistors
Converte d to EU RoHS/ELV Compliant (State ment of Com pliance)
Product Highlights:
lResistor Type = Power Resistor
lResistance Selection = K ?
lResistance = 2.2K ?
lPower Rating = 100.00 W
lTolerance = 10 %
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Documentation & Additional Information
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Additional Information:
lProduct Line Information
Related Products:
Product Features (Please use the Product Drawing for all design activity)
Product Type Features:
lResistor Type = Power Resistor
lResistance (?) = 2.2K
lElement = Thick Film
lTermination Type = Screw Terminals
Electrical Characteristics:
lResistance Selection (?) = K
lPower Rating (W) = 100.00
lTolerance (%) = 10
lPackage Type = Loose Piece - Tray
Body Related Features:
lSeries = BDS
lMount Style = C hassis Mount
lPackage, Component Size = 37.8 x 25.4
Configuration Related Features:
lNumber of Terminations = 2
Industry Standards:
lRoHS/ELV C ompliance = RoHS compliant, ELV compliant
lLead Free Solder Processes = Not relevant for lead free process
lRoHS/ELV C ompliance History = C onverted to comply with RoHS
Conditions for Usage:
lTemperature C oefficient (ppm/?C ) = ?150
lApplication = High Power
lBrand = C GS
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