Product Details for 1625873-1
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1625873 -1
(RES KIT 0402RS)
Fixed Resistors
RoHS Compliant (Statement of Compliance)
Product Highlights:
zCRG Series
zSMD Thick Film Resistor Kit
zPackaging Style = 0402
zPackage Type = Folder
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Product Drawing s:
zNone Available
Catalog Pages/Data Sheets:
zThick Film Precision Chip Resistors - Type CRG Serie... (PDF, English)
Product Specifications:
zNone Available
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zNone Available
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zNone Available
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zProduct Line Information
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Product Type Features:
zProduct Type = SMD Thick Film Resistor Kit
Electri c al Ch aracteris t ics :
zPackage Type = Folder
Termination Related Features:
zPackaging Style = 0402
Body Related Features:
zSeries = CRG
Industry Standards:
zRoHS/ELV Compliance = RoHS compliant, ELV compliant
zLead Free Solder Processes = Reflow solder capable to 245°C,
Reflow solder capable to 260°C
zRoHS/ELV Compliance History = Converted to comply with
RoHS directive
zBrand = Neohm
Wednesday, December 06, 2006
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