CPWplus Platform Scales
The CPWplus series of scales offers an extensive range of models and
configurations to accommodate a variety of applications. Choose the
basic CPWplus for compact portability, the CPWplus-P version with
pillar mounted display, the CPWplus-M or CPWplus-L for large platforms,
or the CPWplus-W with handlebars and wheels. Simple operation,
a selection of platform sizes, battery and AC operation, and rugged
construction all combine to make the CPWplus truly a great value in this
industrial range.
With over 35 years of experience in the production of industrial scales
and balances, Adam supports its customers with top rate service to
achieve the best possible customer satisfaction. Adam Equipment
offers the perfect balance of dependability and performance with every
product we produce.
Speed, Performance, Value
All CPWplus scales utilize the same versatile indicator which
features 4 weighing modes (lb, kg, oz, lb:oz), a crisp backlit
display, color coded buttons with positive click feel, and
simple, quick operation. The indicator can be mounted where
you need it: on the scale, on a wall, or seated on a desk giving
total flexibility for the best viewing position.
A bi-directional RS-232 interface allows connection to printers
or computers. Using standard commands users can request
gross, net and tare weights be sent automatically.
The optional Adam data collection software collects scale data
and can produce charts and statistics, or export raw data to
Microsoft® Excel or Word for further analysis.
With the right power options the CPWplus lets you work
where you need to. The basic CPWplus and CPWplus-P run
on 6 x AA batteries. CPWplus-W, -M and -L offer rechargeable
batteries with over 60 hours of use before needing to be
recharged. To save battery life, the backlit display can be set
to always on, off or automatically on for 10 seconds when a
weight is placed on the platform.
35.4” x 23.6” stainless steel platform
Adjustable non-slip feet for leveling
Rechargeable battery pack and AC
adaptor both included
Wheels and handle
Optional rubber non-slip mat
General Features
Battery and AC operation
Crisp backlit LCD
Removable stainless steel platforms
RS-232 interface
Display Hold function
Dynamic weighing
lb, kg, oz, lb:oz
19.7” x 19.7” stainless steel platform
Adjustable non-slip feet for leveling
Rechargeable battery pack and AC
adaptor both included
For field applications like concrete testing where portability
and durability are a must, the basic CPWplus with battery
operation and optional carry case is ideal.
For testing in the laboratory or on the factory floor, the
CPWplus-M, -L and -W larger bases are durable and provide
greater weighing area.
All models are well suited for shipping and receiving
applications. As your operation grows the scale can be
integrated into dispatch systems with the standard RS-232
In the warehouse or in production, take the CPWplus-
W anywhere with its internal rechargeable batteries, a
handlebar frame and wheels.
For food processing or agriculture the stainless steel
platforms are removable for easy cleaning. In the doctors
office or at the vet’s, these platforms combined with the
dynamic weighing mode and mountable indicator make
this series extremely versatile.
11.8” x 11.8” stainless steel
Alkaline battery or AC
Pillar included on -P version
Optional carrying case
19.7” x 19.7”
stainless steel
Handlebar frame
and wheeled base
for mobility
battery pack and
AC adaptor both
CPWplus and CPWplus-P
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Technical Specifications
Model number
CPWplus 6
CPWplus 6P
CPWplus 15
CPWplus 15P
CPWplus 35
CPWplus 35P
CPWplus 35W
CPWplus 35M
CPWplus 35L
CPWplus 75
CPWplus 75P
CPWplus 75W
CPWplus 75M
CPWplus 75L
CPWplus 150
CPWplus 150P
CPWplus 150W
CPWplus 150M
CPWplus 150L
CPWplus 200
CPWplus 200P
CPWplus 200W
CPWplus 200M
CPWplus 200L
CPWplus 300L
Capacity x readability
6kg x 2g
13lb x 0.005lb
212oz x 0.1oz
13lb:16oz x 1oz
15kg x 5g
33lb x 0.01lb
520oz x 0.2oz
32lb:16oz x 1oz
35kg x 10g
75lb x 0.02lb
1200oz x 0.5oz
74lb:16oz x 1oz
75kg x 20g
165lb x 0.05lb
2640oz x 1oz
164lb:16oz x 1oz
150kg x 50g
330lb x 0.1lb
5280 oz x 2 oz
329lb:16oz x 2oz
200kg x 50g
440lb x 0.1lb
7040 oz x 2 oz
439lb:16oz x 2oz
300kg x 0.1kg
660lb x 0.2lb
10560oz x 5oz
659lb:16oz x1oz
Repeatability (S.D.) 2g / 0.005lb 5g / 0.01lb 10 g / 0.02lb 20 g / 0.05lb 50 g / 0.1lb 50 g / 0.1lb 100g / 0.2lb
Linearity (+/-) 4g / 0.01lb 10g / 0.02lb 20 g / 0.04lb 40 g / 0. 1lb 100 g / 0.2lb 100 g / 0.2lb 200g / 0.4lb
CPWplus CPWplus - P CPWplus - W CPWplus - M CPWplus - L
Platform size
300 x 300 mm / 11.8” x 11.8” n n
500 x 500 mm / 19.7” x 19.7” n n
900 x 600 mm / 35.4” x 23.6” n
Power Option
12 VAC, 150 mA power supply supplied nnnnn
6 x AA size batteries n n
Internal rechargeable battery nnn
Other Specifications
Tare Full range tare by subtraction
Weighing Units lb, kg, oz, lb:oz
Applications Weighing, Dynamic / Animal weighing, Display hold
Stabalization Time 2 -3 seconds
Interface Bi-directional RS-232
Calibration Automatic External - user selectable cal weight
Display 1.0” / 25mm Backlit LCD digits
low battery, stable, zero, net weight and hold symbols
Humidity Up to 90% RH non-condensing
Operating Temperature 32°F - 104°F / 0°C to 40°C
Indicator Dimensions (wxdxh) 8.7” x 3.7” x 1.7” / 220 x 95 x 43mm
Accessories Item No. 7954 - Hard carry case (CPWplus basic model only)
Item No. 8023 - Printer
Item No. 9014 - RS-232 cable
Item No. 9061 - AdamDU - Data collection program
Item No. 9013 - Rubber non-slip mat for CPWplus - L
CPWplus - P
CPWplus - W
CPWplus - M
CPWplus - L