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SPC582B-DIS Discovery board
Data brief
SPC582B 32-bit z2 core @80Mhz CPU, 32-bit
Power Architecture® Technology CPU, 1MB
Code Flash in eQFP64 package.
On-board USB-JTAG PLS debugger and
dedicated optional connecto r to plug a stand-
alone JTAG debugger.
USB Virtual Communication port.
Two types of extension resources:
Arduino Uno Revision 3 connectivity
Extension headers for all device pins and
for quick connection to prototyping
expansion boards, additional modules and
evaluation probing.
Flexible board power supply:
USB port (mini B - 5V)
external sources (DC): 7÷12 V, 5V or 3.3V
and 5V
Two push buttons: USER and RESET
Eight LEDs
3 Integrated Programmer/Debugger
3 LEDs User
1 Reset
–1 Power LED: +5V
40MHz Crystal
The discovery board SPC582-DIS helps you to
discover SPC58B Line Power Architecture®
Microcontrollers with full access to CPUs, I/O
signals and peripherals at budget price.
Dedicated connectors allow plugging Arduino
shields (Arduino-compatible).
Free ready-to-run application firmware examples
are available inside SPC5Studio to support quick
evaluation and development.
SPC5Studio includes visual configurable code
generation engine, board support package (BSP),
startup routines, interrupt services, free RTOS
(optional) and a full set of low-level drivers.
SPC5Studio includes a free GCC compiler.
SPC5Studio is available for free download.
The SPC58 B Line is designed to address
automotive vehicle body and gateway
applications but as well as industrial oriented
The SPC58 B devices feature specific functions
to make automotive applications with integrity
level up to ASIL-B of ISO 26262. An E2E
Community is available on ST WEB.
Table 1. Device summary
Order Code Reference
SPC582B-DIS SPC582B-DIS Discovery board
with SPC582B60E1
System requirements, HW and SW resources SPC582B-DIS
2/4 DocID030504 Rev 2
1 System requirements, HW and SW resources
1.1 System requirements
Windows PC
1.2 Development toolchain
1.3 Demonstration software
Demonstration software is preloaded in the MCU flash memory for easy demonstration of
the SPC582B-DIS in stand-alone mode. For more information and to download the latest
version available, please refer to ST web.
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SPC582B-DIS Revision history
2 Revision history
Table 2. Document revision history
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