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Complementary silicon power transistors.
The 2N3773 powerbaseTM power transistors designed for high power audio, disk head
positioners and other linear applications. These devices can also be used in power
switching circuits such as relay or solenoid drivers. DC-DC converters or inverters.
Pb-free packages.
High safe operating area (100% tested) 150W at 100V.
Completely characterized for linear operation.
High DC current gain and low saturation voltage.
hFE = 15 (minimum) at 8.0A, 4.0V.
VCE (sat) = 1.4V (maximum) at IC= 8.0A, IB= 0.8A.
For low distortion complementary designs.
Style 1:
Pin 1. Base
2. Emitter
Collector (Case)
16A Complementary
Power Transistors
140V, 150W
Case 1-07
Dimensions Minimum Maximum
A1.550 (39.37) Reference
B - 1.050 (26.67)
C 0.250 (6.35) 0.335 (8.51)
D0.038 (0.97) 0.043 (1.09)
E0.055 (1.40) 0.070 (1.77)
G0.430 (10.92) BSC
H0.215 (5.46) BSC
K0.440 (11.18) 0.480 (12.19)
L0.665 (16.89) BSC
N - 0.830 (21.08)
Q0.151 (3.84) 0.165 (4.19)
U1.187 (30.15) BSC
V0.131 (3.33) 0.188 (4.77)
Dimensions : Inches (Millimetres)
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Maximum ratings are those values beyond which device damage can occur. Maximum ratings applied to the device are individual
stress limit values (not normal operating conditions) and are not valid simultaneously. If these limits are exceeded, device functional
operation is not implied, damage may occur and reliability may be affected.
1. Indicates JEDEC registered data.
2. Pulse test: pulse width = 5µs, duty cycle 10%.
Rating Symbol 2N3772 Unit
Collector-Emitter Voltage VCEO 140
V dc
Collector-Emitter Voltage VCEX
Collector-Base Voltage VCBO
Emitter-Base Voltage VEBO 7
Collector Current - Continuous
- Peak (Note 2) IC
30 Adc
Base Current - Continuous
- Peak (Note 2) IB
Total Device Dissipation at TA= 25°C
Derate above 25°C PD
Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range TJ, Tstg -65 to +200 °C
Maximum Ratings (Note 1)
Characteristics Symbol Maximum Unit
Thermal Resistance, Junction-to-Case RθJC 1.17 °C/W
Thermal Characteristics
Electrical Characteristics (TC= 25°C unless otherwise noted)
Characteristic Symbol Minimum Maximum Unit
Off Characteristics (Note 3)
Collector-Emitter Breakdown Voltage (Note 4)
(lC = 0.2 A dc, lB= 0) VEO (sus) 140 -
V dc
Collector-Emitter Sustaining Voltage (Note 4)
(IC= 0.1A dc, VEB (off) = 1.5 Vdc, RBE = 100)VCEX(sus) 160 -
Collector-Emitter Sustaining Voltage
(IC= 0.2A dc, RBE = 100)VCER(sus) 150 -
Collector Cut off Current (Note 4)
(VCE = 120V dc, IB= 0 ) ICEO - 10
mA dc
Collector Cut off Current (Note 4)
(VCE = 140V dc, VEB (off) = 1.5V dc)
(VCE = 140V dc, VEB (off) = 1.5V dc, TC= 150°C)
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Electrical Characteristics (TC= 25°C unless otherwise noted)
Characteristic Symbol Minimum Maximum Unit
Collector Cut off Current
(VCB = 140V dc, IE = 0) ICBO - 2
mA dc
Emitter Cut off Current (Note 4)
(VBE = 7Vdc, IC= 0 ) IEBO - 5
On Characteristic (Note 3)
DC Current Gain
(lC= 8A dc, VCE = 4V dc) (Note 4)
(lC= 16A dc, VCE = 4V dc)
hFE 15
Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage
(lC= 8A dc, IB= 800 mA dc) (Note 4)
(lC= 16A dc, IB= 3.2A dc)
VCE (sat) - 1.4
4V dc
Base-Emitter On Voltage (Note 4)
(lC= 8A dc, VCE = 4V dc) VBE (on) - 2.2
Dynamic Characteristics
Magnitude of Common-Emitter
Small-Signal, Short-Circuit, Forward Current Transfer Ratio
(lC= 1A, f = 50kHz)
|hfe| 4 - -
Small-Signal Current Gain (Note 4)
(lC = 1A dc, VCE = 4V dc, f = 1 kHz) hfe 40 - -
Second Breakdown Characteristics
Second Breakdown Collector Current with Base Forward Biased
t = 1s (non-repetitive), VCE = 100V IS/b 1.5 - Adc
3. Pulse Test: Pulse Width = 300µs, Duty Cycle 2%.
4. Indicates JEDEC Registered Data.
hFE, DC Current Gain
IC, Collector Current (Amperes)
DC Current Gain
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Collector Saturation Region
IB, Base Current (Amperes)
VCE, Collector-Emitter Voltage (Volts)
Forward Bias Safe Operating Area
VCE, Collector-Emitter Voltage (Volts)
IC, Collector Current (Amperes)
There are two limitations on the power handling ability of a
transistor: average junction temperature and second breakdown.
Safe operating area curves indicate IC - VCE limits of the transistor
that must be observed for reliable operation i.e., the transistor must
not be subjected to greater dissipation than curves indicate.
The data is based on TJ (PK) = 200°C; TCis variable depending on
conditions. Second breakdown pulse limits are valid for duty cycles
to 10% provided TJ (PK) <200°C. At high case temperatures, thermal
limitations will reduce the power that can be handled to values less
than the limitations imposed by second breakdown.
Power Derating
TC, Case Temperature (°C)
Power Derating Factor (%)
“On” Voltage
V, Voltage (Volts)
IC, Collector Current (Amperes)
Part Number Table
Description Part Number
Transistor, NPN, TO-3 2N3773
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