Tyco Electronics also supplies complete
data bus harness in accordance
with customer drawings. Using factory-
built harnesses eliminates unnecessary
splices and connectors, reducing the
cost and increasing the reliability of
the networks.
A complete system of interconnection hardware for MIL-STD-1553B networks.
Used in MIL-STD-1553B multiplexing
applications, coupled with proven field
experience, the Raychem Data Bus
system provides high packaging density,
weight savings, design flexibility, and
high performance to 150 degree C and
Custom harnesses built to your drawing
specifications are also available. Pre-
tested, factory-built harnesses provide
quick, easy installation and eliminate
unnecessary splices and connectors,
reducing cost and increasing network
Based on unique material technologies, the Tyco Electronics family of data bus
components offers innovative solutions to todays aerospace data bus applications.
Raychem Brand Data Bus components include:
A wide selection of couplers such as
micros, boxes, flat-packs, and ultra light
weight versions
Data bus cables
Triax connectors and contacts with strain relief
One-piece triaxial contacts for MIL-C-38999
Bus and stub terminators
Low outgassing components for use in space
Cable identification sleeves
Harness design software – HarnWare
Flexible cable splices
Data Bus Components
Box Coupler with Dematable Bus Terminator
Spliced-in, Lightweight Bus Coupler,
1- or 2-Stub, Sealed, D-500-04XX
(Ref USAF 8912026)
Spliced in Lightweight Bus Terminator,
Sealed, D-500-0463-XXX
SolderShield Splice with MiniSeal Crimp or
SolderShield Splice With In-Line Splice Kit,
Sealed, D-150-0708-X (Ref USAF 8340708)
Spliced-in, Flat-Pack Bus Coupler
Dematable Bus Terminator
Threaded and Bayonet, Sealed,
1000hr Salt Spray Resistant, D-621-04XX
(Ref USAF 8912009)
Box Coupler with D-621 Discrete Connector,
1- to 8-Stub, Sealed, 1000hr Salt Spray
Resistant, D-500-0255-5XX-X
(Ref USAF 8912007, 8912008)
DK-621-04XX-X Discrete Connectors
Threaded and Bayonet, Sealed,
1000hr Salt Spray Resistant
(Ref USAF 8340709, 8340711)
MIL-DTL-38999 Size 8 Cavity Triaxial Contacts
D-602-1108/1109, D-602-1112/1113
(Ref USAF 8340712, 8340713)
DK-602-0156/0157, DK-602-0169/0170
(Ref USAF 8912019, 8912010)
Dematable Stub Terminator
D-621-04XX, Threaded and Bayonet,
Sealed, 1000hr Salt Spray Resistance
(Ref USAF 8421525, 8912010)
Spliced-in, Coupler with Internal Terminator,
Sealed, D-500-04XX
Raychem Data Bus Cables
24AWG Single Shield 10612
(Ref USAF 8421526)
24AWG Double Shield 10613
(Ref USAF 8421527)
24AWG EMP Hardened 10614
(Ref USAF 8421528)
Spliced or
In Line Components
Spliced-in, Lightweight Bus Coupler,
3- or 4- Stub, Sealed, D-500-04XX
Data Bus Components
Compact, in-line, splice-terminated data bus microcouplers, feature lightweight design
that meet the MIL-STD-1553B requirements for hardware configuration and perform-
ance.The low-profile configuration enables avionics system designers to plan for opti-
mum coupler locations.
Tyco Electronics data bus microcouplers are qualified to Raychem Specification D-6020,
European Specification EN-3567, and are specified in the Air Force drawings listed in
8340707. Standard products are supplied with Raychem SPEC 55 data bus cables,
including EMP-hardened versions.
All of these products are available assembled with other components into a complete
data bus harness without splices.
The Raychem data bus microcoupler features:
Environmental sealing
No connectors
Very small size, light weight
- 1 stub: 10 g (max.)
- 2 stub: 15 g (max.)
(Lighter weight versions are available)
In-line profile to enable wire bundle mounting
360° continuous low-impedance cable shield
Reliable solder termination of all components
Potted circuit elements for maximum
durability and in-use reliability
Ease of installation
Altitude immersion resistance
Optional eyelet configurations for bulkhead
MTBF > 1,000,000 hours.
150°C temperature rating
Standard Cable Length
012 = 12 in (1 ft)
078 = 78 in (6.5 ft)
079 = 79 in (2 m)
120 = 120 in (10 ft)
236 = 236 in (6 m)
240 = 240 in (20 ft)
360 = 360 in (30 ft)
Cable Type
612 = 10612 24 AWG single optimized shield
613 = 10613 24 AWG double optimized shield
614 = 10614 24 AWG EMP hardened
Number of Stubs
1 or 2
5 = Without internal terminator
6 = Same as 5 but with reverse bus
7 = With internal terminator
8 = Same as 7 but with reverse bus
5 = Without mounting eyelet
6 = With mounting eyelet
D-500-04X X-X-YYY-ZZZ
Microcoupler Part
Numbering System
In-Line Microcouplers: One- and Two Stub
Single Stub Double Stub
D-500-0455-1-YYY-ZZZ D-500-0455-2-YYY-ZZZ
D-500-0465-1-YYY-ZZZ D-500-0465-2-YYY-ZZZ
D-500-0456-1-YYY-ZZZ D-500-0456-2-YYY-ZZZ
D-500-0466-1-YYY-ZZZ D-500-0466-2-YYY-ZZZ
D-500-0457-1-YYY-ZZZ D-500-0457-2-YYY-ZZZ
D-500-0467-1-YYY-ZZZ D-500-0467-2-YYY-ZZZ
D-500-0458-1-YYY-ZZZ D-500-0458-2-YYY-ZZZ
D-500-0468-1-YYY-ZZZ D-500-0468-2-YYY-ZZZ
1. Bus cable
2. Stub cable
Data Bus Components
Ultra Lightweight In-Line
Microcouplers 1- through 6- Stub
Building on over 20 years of experience and continuous improvement in data
bus, including pioneering in-line microcouplers, Tyco Electronics introduces a
new family of ultra light- weight in-line Raychem Microcouplers, available in
1- through 6-stub configurations.
These couplers offer the same high performance and reliability as Raychem
current microcouplers, but their weight is further reduced. They are available
in configurations up to 6-stub. There is no option with a mounting eyelet.
Combined with Raychem 24 AWG data bus cables, these ultra light couplers
allow designers to significantly reduce weight. An unfilled flat braid cable is
available for additional weight savings.
They are also available assembled with other customer specified components
into a complete factory-built and tested data bus harness.
Series Military Raychem
D-500-L4xx MIL-STD-1553B D-6020 (same as current microcouplers)
Ultra Lightweight In-Line
Microcouplers 1- through 6- Stub
Cable Length
012 = 12 in 079 = 79 in 236 = 236 in
078 = 78 in 120 = 120 in 240 = 240 in
360 = 360 in
Cable Type
612 = 10612 (24 AWG single optimized shield)
613 = 10613 (24 AWG double optimized shield)
614 = 10614 (24 AWG EMP hardened)
H06 = 7724H0664 (24 AWG flat shield, unfilled)
Lightest cable
Number of Stubs
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6
5 = Without internal terminator
7 = With internal terminator
5 = Without eyelet
D-500-L4 5 W -X -YYY -ZZZ
Lightweight In-Line Couplers Part Numbering System
Ultra Lightweight In-Line
Microcouplers 1- through 6- Stub
D-500-L455-X-YYY-ZZZ D-500-L456-X-YYY-ZZZ
End View End View End View End View
Left Side Right Side Left Side Right Side
D-500-L457-X-YYY-ZZZ D-500-L458-X-YYY-ZZZ
End View End View End View End View
Left Side Right Side Left Side Right Side
1 stub
2 stub
3 stub
4 stub
5 stub
6 stub
1 stub
2 stub
3 stub
4 stub
5 stub
6 stub
1 stub
2 stub
3 stub
4 stub
5 stub
6 stub
1 stub
2 stub
3 stub
4 stub
5 stub
6 stub
Product Selection
Raychem brand data bus box couplers provide lightweight, robust coupler
modules with connector versatility.
Up to eight stub connectors can be arrayed on the “face” of the box coupler. The
bus connectors can also be on the “face” or on the “side” of the box.
Designed with Raychem brand D-621 series corrosion-resistant threaded or bayo-
net-type connectors. Box couplers are qualified to Raychem Specification D-6021.
Customized data bus box couplers are available upon request.
Part No.
Coupler Type Threaded Bayonet A* Bayonet B* Bayonet C*
Face - 1 Stub D-500-0255-511-1 D-500-0255-513-1 D-500-0255-515-1 D-500-0255-517-1
Face - 2 Stub D-500-0255-521-1 D-500-0255-523-1 D-500-0255-525-1 D-500-0255-527-1
Face - 3 Stub D-500-0255-531-1 D-500-0255-533-1 D-500-0255-535-1 D-500-0255-537-1
Face - 4 Stub D-500-0255-541-1 D-500-0255-543-1 D-500-0255-545-1 D-500-0255-547-1
Face - 5 Stub D-500-0255-551-1 D-500-0255-553-1 D-500-0255-555-1 D-500-0255-557-1
Face - 6 Stub D-500-0255-561-1 D-500-0255-563-1 D-500-0255-565-1 D-500-0255-567-1
Face - 7 Stub D-500-0255-571-1 D-500-0255-573-1 D-500-0255-575-1 D-500-0255-577-1
Face - 8 Stub D-500-0255-581-1 D-500-0255-583-1 D-500-0255-585-1 D-500-0255-587-1
Side - 1 Stub D-500-0255-512-1 D-500-0255-513-2 D-500-0255-515-2 D-500-0255-517-2
Side - 2 Stub D-500-0255-522-1 D-500-0255-523-2 D-500-0255-525-2 D-500-0255-527-2
Side - 3 Stub D-500-0255-532-1 D-500-0255-533-2 D-500-0255-535-2 D-500-0255-537-2
Side - 4 Stub D-500-0255-542-1 D-500-0255-543-2 D-500-0255-545-2 D-500-0255-547-2
Side - 5 Stub D-500-0255-552-1 D-500-0255-553-2 D-500-0255-555-2 D-500-0255-557-2
Side - 6 Stub D-500-0255-562-1 D-500-0255-563-2 D-500-0255-565-2 D-500-0255-567-2
Side - 7 Stub D-500-0255-572-1 D-500-0255-573-2 D-500-0255-575-2 D-500-0255-577-2
Side - 8 Stub D-500-0255-582-1 D-500-0255-583-2 D-500-0255-585-2 D-500-0255-587-2
*The bayonet polarization listed is for the bus connector. All stub connectors are Bayonet D polarization. Polarizations
are depicted as follows (jack view):
3 = C
4 = D
Data Bus Box Couplers, 1- to 8- stub
Data Bus Box Couplers
SPEC 55 data bus cables meet or exceed the
performance requirements of MIL-STD-1553B.
SPEC 55 insulation is a high-temperature, radiation-
cross-linked, modified ETFE material that can be
used in wire constructions rated up to 200°C.This
insulation is qualified to MIL-W-22759/32-/35 and
The cables are:
Highly flexible
Chemical-resistant to all known aircraft fluids
Made with optimized shielding providing three
standard levels of defined EMI/EMP protection.
Other shielding options and cable constructions are
Raychem Brand D-621 and DK-621 series connectors
are designed specifically for MIL-STD-1553B data bus
applications. In addition to utilizing Tyco Electronics
heat-shrink technology, the D-621 and DK-621 series
connectors also feature:
Compliance to MIL-STD-1553B hardware
Light weight
Removable pin or socket contacts
Termination with Raychem MILSPEC and
-STD-1553B data bus cables, including
EMP-hardened versions
Continuous 360°shield coverage
Rugged constructions
Termination time of 1 to 2 minutes
Inspectable solder terminations
Low-skill assembly
Reworkable and repairable terminations
Strain relief built into the design
Low voltage drop and high reliability due to
precisely controlled solder terminations
Threaded coupling, with safety wire holes and
bayonet coupling styles
Low total installed cost
1000-hour salt spray resistance
Data Bus Discrete Connectors
Data Bus Cables
Contact (supplied in DK-621 kits only)
P = Pin
S = Socket
Polarization (bayonet styles only) (jack view)
Basic Connector Configurations
Threaded styles
11 = Plug
12 = Jack
Bayonet styles
33 = Plug, A polarization
34 = Jack, A polarization
35 = Plug, B polarization
36 = Jack, B polarization
37 = Plug, C polarization
38 = Jack, C polarization
39 = Plug, D polarization
40 = Jack, D polarization
D-621 connector, kitted with accessories
DK-621-04 XX-XX
4 = D
3 = C
2 = B
1 = A
Connector Kit Part
Numbering System
DK-621-0434-1P = D-621
connector, kitted with
accessories, jack bayonet
style with A polarization and
pin contact.
Connector Kit Part Numbering System
Panel Connector Contact Connector Reference Connector Mate with
Thickness 77 Ohm bus 3K Ohm stub
Terminator Terminator
Bayonet Connectors
Polarity A
Plug Pin DK-621-0433-1P DK-621-0434-1S D-621-0461(-L) D-621-0465(-L)
Plug Socket DK-621-0433-1S DK-621-0434-1P D-621-0477(-L) D-621-0481(-L)
Standard Jack Pin DK-621-0434-1P DK-621-0433-1S D-621-0469(-L) D-621-0473(-L)
2.4mm max Jack Socket DK-621-0434-1S DK-621-0433-1P D-621-0453(-L) D-621-0457(-L)
Long reach Jack Pin DK-621-0550-1P DK-621-0433-1S D-621-0469(-L) D-621-0473(-L)
12.5mm max Jack Socket DK-621-0550-1S DK-621-0433-1P D-621-0453(-L) D-621-0457(-L)
Polarity B
Polarity B Plug Pin DK-621-0435-2P DK-621-0436-2S D-621-0462(-L) D-621-0474(-L)
Plug Socket DK-621-0435-2S DK-621-0436-2P D-621-0478(-L) D-621-0458(-L)
StandardJackPin DK-621-0436-2P DK-621-0435-2S D-621-0470(-L) D-621-0474(-L)
2.4mm max Jack Socket DK-621-0436-2S DK-621-0435-2P D-621-0454(-L) D-621-0458(-L)
Long reachJack Pin DK-621-0448-2P DK-621-0435-2S D-621-0470(-L) D-621-0467(-L)
12.5mm max Jack Socket DK-621-0448-2S DK-621-0435-2P D-621-0454(-L) D-621-0483(-L)
Polarity C
Plug Pin DK-621-0437-3P DK-621-0438-3S D-621-0463(-L) D-621-0467(-L)
Plug Socket DK-621-0437-3S DK-621-0438-3P D-621-0479(-L) D-621-0483(-L)
StandardJackPin DK-621-0438-3P DK-621-0437-3S D-621-0471(-L) D-621-0475(-L)
2.4mm max Jack Socket DK-621-0438-3S DK-621-0437-3P D-621-0455(-L) D-621-0459(-L)
Long reach Jack Pin DK-621-0446-3P DK-621-0437-3S D-621-0471(-L) D-621-0475(-L)
12.5mm max Jack Socket DK-621-0446-3S DK-621-0437-3P D-621-0455(-L) D-621-0459(-L)
Polarity D
Plug Pin DK-621-0439-4P DK-621-0440-4S D-621-0464(-L) D-621-0468(-L)
Plug Socket DK-621-0439-4S DK-621-0440-4P D-621-0480(-L) D-621-0484(-L)
Standard Jack Pin DK-621-0440-4P DK-621-0439-4S D-621-0472(-L) D-621-0476(-L)
2.4mm max Jack Socket DK-621-0440-4S DK-621-0439-4P D-621-0456(-L) D-621-0460(-L)
Long reach Jack Pin DK-621-0551-4P DK-621-0439-4S D-621-0472(-L) D-621-0476(-L)
12.5mm max Jack Socket DK-621-0551-4S DK-621-0439-4P D-621-0456(-L) D-621-0460(-L)
Threaded Connectors
Polarity E
Plug Pin DK-621-0411-P DK-621-0412-S D-621-0406(-L) D-621-0424(-L)
Plug Socket DK-621-0411-S DK-621-0412-P D-621-0418(-L) D-621-0423(-L)
StandardJackPin DK-621-0412-P DK-621-0411-S D-621-0415(-L) D-621-0407(-L)
2.4mm max Jack Socket DK-621-0412-S DK-621-0411-P D-621-0413(-L) D-621-0417(-L)
Long reach Jack Pin DK-621-0412-P DK-621-0411-S D-621-0415(-L) D-621-0407(-L)
12.5mm max Jack Socket DK-621-0412-S DK-621-0411-P D-621-0413(-L) D-621-0417(-L)
Triaxial Connectors
for 1553B Data Bus Cable
Data Bus Discrete Connectors & Terminator Mating Guide
Triaxial Connectors
Panel Connector Contact Connector Reference Connector Mate with
Thickness 77 Ohm bus 3K Ohm stub
Terminator Terminator
Plug Pin DK-3716-F101-TP DK-621-E102-TS D-621-E077-S D-621-E03K-S
Plug Socket DK-3716-F101-TS DK-621-E102-TP D-621-E077-P D-621-E03K-P
Plug Pin DK-3716-F201-TP DK-621-E202-TS D-621-E077-S D-621-E03K-S
Plug Socket DK-3716-F201-TS DK-621-E202-TP D-621-E077-P D-621-E03K-P
Jack Pin DK-3716-E102-TP DK-621-F101-TS D-621-F077-S D-621-F03K-S
Standard Jack Socket DK-3716-E102-TS DK-621-F101-TP D-621-F077-P D-621-F03K-P
2.4mm max Jack Pin DK-3716-E202-TP DK-621-F201-TS D-621-F077-S D-621-F03K-S
Jack Socket DK-3716-E202-TS DK-621-F201-TP D-621-F077-P D-621-F03K-P
Jack Pin DK-3716-E112-TP DK-621-F101-TS D-621-F077-S D-621-F03K-S
Long reach Jack Socket DK-3716-E112-TS DK-621-F101-TP D-621-F077-P D-621-F03K-P
12.5mm max Jack Pin DK-3716-E212-TP DK-621-F201-TS D-621-F077-S D-621-F03K-S
Jack Socket DK-3716-E212-TS DK-621-F201-TP D-621-F077-P D-621-F03K-P
Panel Connector Contact Terminator Reference Mate with
Thickness Standard Long Reach
Connector Connector
Plug Pin DK-3716-F077-P DK-3716-E#02-TS DK-3716-E#12K-TS
77 Ohm bus Plug Socket DK-3716-F077-S DK-3716-E#02-TP DK-3716-E#12K-TP
terminator Jack Pin DK-3716-F077-P DK-3716-E#01-TS
Jack Socket DK-3716-F077-S D K-3716-E#01-TP
Plug Pin DK-3716-E03K-P DK-3716-E#02-TS DK-3716-E#12K-TS
3K Ohm stub Plug Socket DK-3716-E03K-S DK-3716-E#02-TP DK-3716-E#12K-TP
terminator Jack Pin DK-3716-E03K-P DK-3716-E#01-TS
Jack Socket DK-3716-E03K-S DK-3716-E#01-TP
Triaxial Connectors and Terminators
to European NORME EN3716 for
1553B Data Bus Cable
Now, both high-density packaging and full shield
coverage are available with a simple, quick and reli-
able termination system. AWG24 twisted-pair data
bus cables are terminated to triaxial SolderTacts con-
tacts, which fit size 8 cavities of MIL-DTL-38999,
Series I, III, or IV connectors.
Raychem brand triaxial 38999-type data bus contacts
deliver the signals with:
One-step termination
Termination time of 1 to 2 minutes
No needed special termination tools
No requirements for special skills
Reworkable and repairable terminations
Strain relief that is built into the design
Continuous 360° shield coverage
Triaxial mating face for least susceptibility to
Rugged construction
Inspectable solder terminations
Low voltage drop and high reliability due to
precisely controlled solder termination.
Raychem size 8 triaxial data bus contacts for MIL-DTL-38999 connectors have interfaces
that comply with MIL-C-39029/90 and /91 to provide intermatability with crimp contacts.
These contacts provide a fast and convenient method of implementing MIL-STD-1553B
connections in MIL-STD-1760 applications.
MIL-DTL-38999-Type Triaxial Contacts
for Data Bus Applications
Series Raychem
Size 8 D-6002
Cable Type Pin Socket
10612 DK-602-0156-N-1 DK-602-0157-N-1
10613 DK-602-0156-N-2 DK-602-0157-N-2
10614 DK-602-0156-N-3 DK-602-0157-N-3
Product Selection
MIL-DTL-38999-Type Triaxial Contacts
for Data Bus Applications
Tyco Electronics manufactures all the Raychem prod-
ucts needed to build a MIL-STD-1553B data bus net-
work. In addition to the main components the follow-
ing accessory components that may be necessary to
complete a data bus system are also available:
Bus and stub terminators spliced-in and
connectorized (D-621 series)
Cable splice kits
EMI/environment-resistant connector caps
Braid terminators and strain relief tubing
for rework applications
Data Bus Accessories
Spliced-in 12-inch Cable
77-ohm 10612 cable D-500-0463-612
77-ohm 10613 cable D-500-0463-613
77-ohm 10614 cable D-500-0463-614
77-ohm 7724E2664 cable D-500-0463-E26
D-621 Series—Plug Threaded Bayonet A Bayonet B Bayonet C Bayonet D
77-ohm pin contact D-621-0413 D-621-0453 D-621-0454 D-621-0455 D-621-0456
77-ohm socket contact D-621-0415 D-621-0469 D-621-0470 D-621-0471 D-621-0472
3000-ohm pin contact D-621-0417 D-621-0457 D-621-0458 D-621-0459 D-621-0476
3000-ohm socket contact D-621-0407 D-621-0473 D-621-0474 D-621-0475 D-621-0460
D-621 Series—Jack Threaded Bayonet A Bayonet B Bayonet C Bayonet D
77-ohm pin contact D-621-0418 D-621-0477 D-621-0478 D-621-0479 D-621-0480
77-ohm socket contact D-621-0406 D-621-0461 D-621-0462 D-621-0463 D-621-0464
3000-ohm pin contact D-621-0423 D-621-0481 D-621-0482 D-621-0483 D-621-0484
3000-ohm socket contact D-621-0424 D-621-0465 D-621-0466 D-621-0467 D-621-0468
D-621 Series—L Lanyard 7” ————
D-621 Series Threaded Bayonet A Bayonet B Bayonet C Bayonet D
Plug cap for jack connector D-600-0083 D-600-0068 D-600-0068 D-600-0068 D-600-0065
Supplied with 7” Lanyard
Cables Flexible Crimp
All data bus cables D-150-0708-5
D-621 jack
D-621 Plug D-621 Jack
Bus and Stub Terminators
Connector Caps
Cable Splice Kits
Data Bus Accessories
support services
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